Log building-box of folk architecture
Luxorious log building-box for children and adults

Dear clients, our log building-box is a valuable nevelty in the world of wooden toys. Nice wooden village buildings from the past centuries have been making way step by step to a modern constructions and are slowly fading out of our minds. At present we already have to travel far to the remote sites of our homeland or to a natural museum to look for them. We would, however, like to save this glamour of the old times. That is why we offer to you and especially to your children our log building-box made from wood. It gives you chance to compile many village buildings, peasant cottages, outbuildings, chapels etc.

This is an excelent educational mean teaching your children ligical thinking in an amusing way, supporting their creative fantasy, making them interested in technical problems and developing their aesthetic feeling. And last but not least it provides long hours of happy play. With this building-box you can do great pleasure to your children and we believe that even you will be entertained in the end.

The log building-box consists of 132 wooden parts being soaked and dyed by natural materials which make it faultless as to the health.

Price 49 € + postal charge

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Czech Republic
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